Blogging helps me feel connected. It helps me rally and collect my own thoughts. It helps me feel stronger about my parenting, and it helps me grow and learn and find better ways over time. It helps repair my shattered psyche when events have destroyed my confidence and morale. Blogging helps me hone in on what is important to me as an adoptive parent. Blogging helps me seek answers to what is often unanswerable in this conundrum that i live beside – and often within – called trauma. Blogging helps me gain insight to my actions and my thoughts from others as a single adoptive parent with no one to talk to or help me reflect. Blogging helps me feel less alone in the wee hours of the night after a day that has taken me to the very brink of despair. Blogging provides an outlet to my frustrations, my hurt and my wounds. Blogging helps me gain perspective when my world view of a situation becomes distorted and destructive. Blogging often helps me find the humour in the bleakest of moments, and reminds me to see the strange beauty that lies hidden within the torments. Blogging helps me take a place amongst my peers in this fraught and flawed community made up of adopters and adoptees. Blogging breaks the silence in the times when I experience suffering at the hands of the trauma and a wider world that doesn’t understand it or care about it and it’s carriers enough. Blogging helps me feel like the trials, tribulations and lessons of what my family goes through can have some tiny effect on the shape and style – the politics and framework – of ‘adoption future’.

Blogging sometimes is the final shovel full of dirt that buries me beneath the weight of my responsibility that makes it all too heavy to bear. It can reveal the subjects that are still fully taboo – or at least too scary – to talk about, and lay bare the things I’m just not ready or equipped to talk about fluently.

Blogging gives me – the me that lies beneath what cht requires of mumdrah – a voice to my needs when my day to day experiences demands they sit unanswered in silence.

But most of all, blogging helps lift the weight of the thoughts and the challenges that I carry. Blogging reminds me that I am the writer of my own thoughts, and I can chose to take the blue pill or the red in how the extreme demands of my everyday sit within my soul.

6 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Love this! Thank you for saying how I feel about blogging. You have validated my thoughts on blogging.
    Parenting traumamatised children and young people can be such a roller coaster. We experience extremes of behaviours. Usually behind closed doors, without support, understanding or compassion. Support Professionals don’t or can’t see what is happening. There are little resources anyway. Blogging allows us to share our experiences, but also allows others to share. Other parents can feel validated, less isolated, part of a community.
    Professionals, I hope, can see what we live with.
    It’s that phrase “If a branch falls in a forest, and there is no one around, does it make a sound?”

    Your blog is making a sound. People are reading. People will hear.
    Sending much love.

  2. Absolutely. I find blogging really helps clarify my thoughts on a subject as I organise them for reading by someone else. The blogging community is such a great place, too – I love the way we can share experiences and support each other. Thank you for being such a great part of it.

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