#SiABlo: Week 2

Welcome to #SiABlo: Week 2 of our new Single adopter round up!

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meandminimees: ’The next day‘ – tells the story of Day Two in a situation that lasted a whole weekend.

Imperfectly Perfect Mum: The sea of uncertainty and collateral damage – on the dichotomy between rational understanding of our children, and our emotional & physical response.

Starfish and Me:Please see my trauma … but please also see me.‘ – a heartrending letter from little one to the teachers and professionals.

Suddenly Mummy: ’After the adoption order: the medical stuff‘ – on the complications, confusions, missing info and mix ups that come with the legal changes.

mumdrah: ’Single adopter truths‘ - the lowdown on where the buck stops as a single adopter.

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SiABlo: single adopter blog Week 1

Welcome to the first ever weekly SiABlo roundup of blogs.


Single Adopter Blogs

We have a brilliant nine contributions this week from our fabulous single adopters – thank you all!

Click on the links below to go to each blog and have a read.

Befuddled Mum: ”Still Mum“ - a post about single adoptive parenting to 18 years and beyond!

Imperfectly Perfect Mother:Giving trauma something to think about.: – on the ‘push me pull you’ conflict of children who want to embrace safety, but act in rejecting ways.

Starfish and me:But what does forever look like?“- a poignant reflection on the first two and a half years as a family of two.

Another Mountain: ’Be prepared!‘ – on the practical and emotional process of preparing to adopt for the second time on your own.

Sarah Fisher:What Martin Luther King taught me about parenting.’ – a post on how the mind blowing philosophy of MLK and Gandhi can help us as parents.

Suddenly Mummy: ’The perfect age gap.‘ – giving us insight into the how the age gap between her two adopted children affects their relationship with each other, and her.

MeandMiniMees:Mate Crime‘ – the diary of one day showing how our vulnerable young people can be manipulated and used from a single adoptive dad.

Pedalling Solo: ’It’s good to be back‘ – on the ‘onoffness’ of blogging, anonymity, transparency and openness, and clambering around dark bedrooms in the night.

Mumdrah: ’Box of clues‘ – how to look for the clues that all the thought you put into therapeutic parenting is working.

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SiABlo – a new place to come and check out the week’s Single Adopter Blogs.

Very informal, no posh linky, just a list of links from people who share the unique experience of adopting on our own.

To submit your blog each week, just direct message your most recent post link via twitter. The full list will be published on Sunday evening, with the new week for submissions starting on Thursday. 

Like this:

Meandminimees: In the middle of a tornado. A great post about seven stormy days in the life of single adopter Matthew Blythe.

Suddenly_Mummy: Interrogation in the supermarket. How curious strangers can spike Life Story traumas for our children.

Imperfectly Blog: Hold onto hope. How dealing with the wider details of life as a single adopter can feel like putting your own needs above those of your child.

Sarah Fisher: Boundaries vs Baskets.Single adopter and NVR coach explains the difference between these two parenting tools.