EPIC: Equality Participation Influence Change.

A group of 16 young disabled people from across the UK who advise the Government on SEND reforms as part of the Children and Families Bill.  Action for change just doesn’t get better than that.

Supported by the Council for Disabled Children, so far EPIC have:

  • Identified key topics that are most important to EPIC and other disabled young people.
  • Agreed the terms of reference for how the EPIC group will work
  • Received Social model of disability training
  • Helped design the EPIC website and logo.
  • Met with Department for Education policy leads to tell them about EPIC and our work
  • Attended an Action for Kids House of Lords event to hear from other young people about their experiences of participation and see how digital media can support participation
  • Taken part in discussions about some of the proposed changes in the Children and Families Bill.

Check out Katie and Rich’s amazing interview with Children’s Minister Edward Timpson MP

To get involved:

Join the conversation via their Facebook and @Epic_Tweets3  pages

And voluntary organisations can join up via the Council for Disabled Children.

Or just find out more about EPIC here.


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