SAN: our single adopters network

How many parts of our single adopters experience make us ‘out of the ordinary’?  

Single parent? check.  Adopter? check.  Therapeutic Parent to traumatised child/ren? check. Crazy busy? check. Working parent and juggler, probably.  Fighter?  Definitely.

Some of us went into the adoption process single from the start, some became single along the way, and some of us are ‘prospective adopters’.  Either way, I can’t find a single active Real World group out there to meet and greet and share, and even if I could I wouldn’t be able to attend because of all the above.  So, being  a woman of action I thought I’d remedy our isolated situation to create a portal for us all to share and connect, lament and celebrate, vent and soothe.

Spread the word.  Build the community!

Here are the current Single Adopter Bogs we can find, putting their stories out there:

1. My Adoption Journey

2. New Pyjamas

3. Suddenly Mummy

4. Rainbow Portion

5. Adopt and Keep Calm

6. My Single Adoption

7. Another Mountain

8.  3 Girls Together

9. Pedalling Solo

10. MeandMiniMees

11. Befuddled Mum

12. Starfish and Me

13. Imperfectly Perfect Mother

14. Sarah Fisher

15. Mumdrah

16. Adoptive Black Mom

17. YOU!  Send me an email or tweet me to add yours…

11 thoughts on “SAN: our single adopters network

  1. Aaah Mumdrah you are a superstar! much needed network and much appreciated even though we are already much too busy but hey! do I just add a post linked here? or are you wanting a specific post?

    • Hi NPM – just post a link to your main site page here for now. I’m open to suggestions about what happens next! Maybe another shout out for us singles, but for now lets collect a blogroll just for us extraordinary families! Thanks for linking up. Love Mx

  2. I don’t have an adoption blog yet, but it’s on my list of things to do… Tweet as @kosjanka though… (mostly about libraries, access to information and LGBT life)

  3. Hi Mumdrah.
    Thanks for starting this one.
    Im hoping to start the adoption process in the not so distant future. I have lots of queries and concerns about doing it on my own. So if anyone can share some wisdom on this, it will be greatly appriciated. For example; I struggle to see whether its best to go via an organistion or directly though the council??

    • Hi Linda – great to meet you! I’ll mail you to talk about these thoughts. This information gathering phase is so importnat, and this first step – the choice of agency – is perhaps the most important.
      I’ll always be here to help you ; just holler! Mx

  4. Hi
    I’m so glad I’ve found this blog! I am too just starting out on this whole process so it would be great to talk to anyone who has been through it as a single person.

    I’ve got my initial interview this week with an agency so am feeling rather anxious (but also excited).

  5. Hi Mumdrah,
    As a single adopter going to panel in September I’m pleased to have found your website and read the blogs here – how do we network through SAN ? Thanks Claire

    • I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to respond; i’ve been very quiet recently. How are you getting on? Any matches? I can share your blog on my site (if you have one) or happy for you to guest post! Lots of love to you Mx

  6. Hello Mumdrah and fellow single adopters! I’m relieved to find this – hope that people can point me to ideas for supporting very angry, oppositional defiant 13 year olds in secondary school and at home…..
    I’ve linked to my Facebook page which used to relate to an adopters project I ran called Nurture and Learning – I try to post links to useful stuff there for other adopters too but its a closed group so please send a request if you’d like to join!
    Seasonal wishes

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