SiABlo: single adopter blog Week 1

Welcome to the first ever weekly SiABlo roundup of blogs.


Single Adopter Blogs

We have a brilliant nine contributions this week from our fabulous single adopters – thank you all!

Click on the links below to go to each blog and have a read.

Befuddled Mum: ”Still Mum“ - a post about single adoptive parenting to 18 years and beyond!

Imperfectly Perfect Mother:Giving trauma something to think about.: – on the ‘push me pull you’ conflict of children who want to embrace safety, but act in rejecting ways.

Starfish and me:But what does forever look like?“- a poignant reflection on the first two and a half years as a family of two.

Another Mountain: ’Be prepared!‘ – on the practical and emotional process of preparing to adopt for the second time on your own.

Sarah Fisher:What Martin Luther King taught me about parenting.’ – a post on how the mind blowing philosophy of MLK and Gandhi can help us as parents.

Suddenly Mummy: ’The perfect age gap.‘ – giving us insight into the how the age gap between her two adopted children affects their relationship with each other, and her.

MeandMiniMees:Mate Crime‘ – the diary of one day showing how our vulnerable young people can be manipulated and used from a single adoptive dad.

Pedalling Solo: ’It’s good to be back‘ – on the ‘onoffness’ of blogging, anonymity, transparency and openness, and clambering around dark bedrooms in the night.

Mumdrah: ’Box of clues‘ – how to look for the clues that all the thought you put into therapeutic parenting is working.

The list will open again next Thursday, and be published on Sunday evening.


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