#SiABlo Week 3

For week three we are attempting some high tech wizardry:
you can add your blog direct to the #SiABlo Week 3 page until Midnight on Sunday 5th March. We are about 60% certain it will work! So we will also add them manually as a back up plan.
ImperfectlyPerfectMother: ’The weight (and I don’t mean the song by The Band)‘ - on parental overwhelm and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
BefuddledMum: ’How school can get it right!‘ – on how this single adoptive mum supports adopted children in school
MeandMiniMees: ’An epilogue?‘ – third in a series of posts on a terrible weekend of Mate Crime.
StarfishandMe: Singled Out‘ – what nobody told me about beng a single adoptive parent.
Sarah P Fisher: ‘When it becomes a struggle‘ – on the little things that help us cope when things get tough.
mumdrah: ’Ducks in a row‘ - on the importance of positive reinforcement for single and couple adopters.
And here is our low tech Linky tool option as a trial run::

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