SAN: our single adopters network

How many parts of our single adopters experience make us ‘out of the ordinary’?  

Single parent? check.  Adopter? check.  Therapeutic Parent to traumatised child/ren? check. Crazy busy? check. Working parent and juggler, probably.  Fighter?  Definitely.

Some of us went into the adoption process single from the start, some became single along the way, and some of us are ‘prospective adopters’.  Either way, I can’t find a single active Real World group out there to meet and greet and share, and even if I could I wouldn’t be able to attend because of all the above.  So, being  a woman of action I thought I’d remedy our isolated situation to create a portal for us all to share and connect, lament and celebrate, vent and soothe.

Spread the word.  Build the community!

Here are the current Single Adopter Bogs we can find, putting their stories out there:

1. My Adoption Journey

2. New Pyjamas

3. Suddenly Mummy

4. Rainbow Portion

5. Adopt and Keep Calm

6. My Single Adoption

7. Another Mountain

8.  3 Girls Together

9. Pedalling Solo

10. MeandMiniMees

11. Befuddled Mum

12. Starfish and Me

13. Imperfectly Perfect Mother

14. Sarah Fisher

15. Mumdrah

16. Adoptive Black Mom

17. YOU!  Send me an email or tweet me to add yours…