True grit

CHT may not know her way round their classroom, but she sure can run.

True Grit

She gets this calm, roaring fire in her belly when it comes to running; it is a thing of beauty to watch.

She runs on raw talent and True Grit, and after a long wait she finally took her place in the local athletics club four weeks ago.  With great coaches and proper skill training, she is now combining her talent with their training – and she is kicking it.

This Sunday, the girl who baulks and screams under pressure, the girl who tears holes in herself for ‘being rubbish’, the girl who explodes with uncontrollable anguish when uncertainty or fear take centre stage, the girl who gives up rather than risk disappointment; took her place on the start line.

She set her chin into the icy wind, focused her gaze, dropped all the labels, and ran like the bloody wind.

As the kids ran back into sight, she was right there in the front bunch; locked in battle.

I saw her square up to the challenge.  I saw her dig deep and take control.  I saw take a long hard look at herself, and believe in what she saw. I saw her tame and master her demons to surge forward for the last sprint across the line.

And when she took her medal, I saw her shine – elated and triumphant and whole.

My heart just poured from the front of my chest.

Love that kid.

5 thoughts on “True grit

  1. I loved that one the pride bursting is a great feeling especially for the children who are used to disappointment .. Enjoy each precious moment x

  2. That is such a brilliant post Mumdrah , you must be so proud .I feel that now there is a positive story to help her believe in herself . Hopefully she will begin to love running and recognise that everybody has a talent they can shine at . Get the trophy cabinet ready .

  3. Thanks to everyone for sharing the glory – it was a spectacular moment. There were around 400 kids, and she was top 20; top 5 girls. And she did it all by herself. x

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